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LG Dolby Atmos Sound Bar Review

If you wish to listen to the best music, you should consider buying the new LG Dolby Atmos sound bar. This gadget connects via Bluetooth to your TV and pushes out a whopping 110 dB of volume. With an additional amplifier, you can bump up the volume to 130 dB. It also features DTS Virtual:X surround processing and DTS Neural:X 7.1 channel decoding.

LG’s New Dolby Atmos Sound Bar:

LG has unveiled its line-up of new sound bars for 2022. The 9.1.5ch S95QR is a flagship model with five upfiring units, and the S90QY, S80QY, and S75Q are cheaper models with the same features. The S95QR features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound, while the LG SP11RA has rear speakers and is compatible with a kit that allows for dimensional sound.

LG’s new Dolby Atmos-capable sound bar is a great way to get more immersive surround sound, and the new SP9YA offers a great balance between price, features, and expandability. The Eclair QP5 is a 12 inch-wide sound bar that includes a subwoofer. The LG SP11RA sound bar, meanwhile, features immersive 7.1.4-channel audio, AI-assisted room calibration, and top-tier connectivity.

Auto Sound Adjusts:

The LG AI Sound Pro automatically adjusts the volume based on your listening environment. The AI Sound Pro also automatically analyzes what’s playing and adjusts audio settings to match. It even works with your Google Assistant and compatible LG ThinQ appliances. While the AI Sound Pro feature isn’t available in all countries, it does work with most popular smart home appliances. The sound bar is compatible with most major streaming services.

Dolby Atmos is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories and is a type of surround sound. LG’s new Dolby Atmos sound bar offers 7.1 surround sound from all directions, including the ceiling. Wireless connectivity lets you hook up the soundbar to your wireless rear speakers for an even more immersive experience. So, don’t wait and buy one of LG’s new sound bars.

If you’re interested in adding Dolby Atmos to your TV, the LG SJ9 is a great way to go. It includes a wireless subwoofer that adds muscle to action movies and provides the rhythm and beat for music. The LG Soundbar is also powered by mains, meaning that you don’t need to install an extra receiver. The LG SJ9 even has a smart Adaptive Sound Control feature that analyzes sound signals and adjusts bass levels depending on what you’re listening to.

It Uses Psychoacoustic Principles:

The LG Dolby Atmos sound bar uses a psychoacoustic principle to create immersive surround sound for your movies. The system’s virtual surround effect uses specialized psychoacoustic techniques to make your brain believe that audio is coming from all around you. However, this feature can produce unnatural sounds in some situations. So, it’s important to consider the location of the soundbar’s speakers before you make your purchase.

LG’s SN11 sound bar was recently honoured as an Innovation Awards Honouree for audio. It offers two sound formats: DTS-X and Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is an object-based surround sound format that produces true 3D audio. Unlike traditional surround sound systems, Dolby Atmos adds height to the spatial dimensions, allowing individual sounds to be placed overhead.

The Dolby Atmos sound bar uses two upfiring height channels that can simulate aerial sounds. It can emulate the sound of multiple speakers without the need for multiple speaker outputs. Because it can work with all media formats, it is possible to use a Dolby Atmos sound bar on a laptop, TV, or gaming console. If you’re looking to enhance your movie-going experience, and LG Dolby Atmos sound bar is the way to go.

It Supports All Kinds of Audio Formats:

You can enjoy a variety of audio formats with an LG Dolby Atmos sound bar. Its lossless audio quality lets you listen to any type of music without any distortion or colour shifting. You can even play music from disc players such as DVD players. The sound bar supports various audio formats, including HD and lossless. You can also connect the sound bar to your TV via HDMI ARC or optical input.

LG is known for its soundbars and announced three new models at pre-CES. The SL10YG and SL9YG soundbar support Dolby Atmos. However, a high-end model like the SL8YG supports all kinds of audio formats and features, including Dolby Atmos. The SL10YG can play music files with a resolution of up to 4K. It has a wireless subwoofer and 380 watts of total power.


For those on a budget, you can choose a less expensive model. The LG S80QY does not have satellite speakers, but it has an up-firing centre speaker that produces three-dimensional sound. The sound bar supports all kinds of audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. It also supports IMAX enhanced content. The LG S90QY can also be upgraded to a 5.1 system with a second set of rear speakers.

The LG SN11RG is a direct competitor to the Samsung HW-Q90R, which also supports Dolby Atmos. Its limited number of HDMI inputs is a drawback, but the SN11RG’s many features make up for its shortcomings. It supports DTS:X and Google Assistant and boasts a high-end audio profile. It can also support HD audio content.

LG’s SP11RA is another soundbar worth checking out. It supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos audio formats and boasts a generous seven-channel configuration. It also has a wireless subwoofer and 520 watts of power. It works best with larger TVs. You can also hook the SP11RA up to your TV’s HDMI passthrough for the most immersive audio experience.

It Supports 4K Pass-Through:

The Pioneer HTP-072 home cinema system includes the VSX-324-K-P receiver. The manufacturer’s website says that it supports a 4K pass-through but does not mention HDCP 2.2. However, I did not notice any problems when streaming movies from the Fire TV to the home theatre. I would recommend this receiver as it has an exceptional picture quality and plenty of network connections. It supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG.

This feature is HDCP 2.2 compatible, allowing 4K signals from video devices to pass through the system without any quality loss. It also allows users to connect their soundbar to their TV, giving them a stunning 4K experience. They can also enjoy a wide range of audiovisual content, including movies and games. However, it is essential that the receiver supports HDCP 2.2 in order to play copyrighted 4K content.

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