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Four Most Popular Threads on FFXIV Reddit This Month

FFXIV Reddit is a massive role-playing game, and one of the most popular subreddits is r/FFXIV. Fans are passionate about the game, and a several popular threads are dedicated to their favorite characters, including Y’shtola Rhul, the queen of fanart in the game. Here are the four most popular threads on FFXIV Reddit this month:

Y’shtola Rhul is the Queen of FFXIV Fanart:

In the game, Y’shtola Rhul makes the best costumes. From her black witch look to her Shadowbringers ensemble, this game character is unbeatable when it comes to style. In fact, she has been crowned the Queen of FFXIV reddit fanart several times, and her work has appeared on over a dozen different websites. Here are some suggestions to help you determine if you’re interested in the game’s lore or simply want to be one of the coolest characters online.

Y’shtola is a member of the Circle of Knowledge and a former leader of Night’s Blessed. She’s held a variety of titles in the game and is still looking for her rightful title. Her fanart has made headlines in the FFXIV subreddit, and you can find some of the best pieces on her thread.

Fans of Y’shtola Rhul have noticed two kinds of fanart. One depicts her as a Hexen, while the other depicts her as a Stilkonigin, a type of dragon-like creature. Both types are fanart, and the latter is often the best one to find. And as long as Y’shtola’s design is original, it should be fine.

About Vrtra:

The latest patch of Final Fantasy 14 has given the game a new character called Vrtra. She longs to be reunited and loves her beloved,  Despite her popularity, she remains the most cherished character in the game. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll want to have a look at some of these photographs. It will assist you in deciding which character to purchase.

Fans of Y’shtola Rhul’s art will be able to find some great images of her in the game. Fans can find many of her pictures on the internet. So, if you’re looking for something unique and beautiful, this might be the right place to start. Don’t forget her gallery, You can find more awesome images by following the link below.

Combat is a Slog:

While it’s true that the main story in Final Fantasy XIV lacks combat, the expansions are a different story. In addition to using jump potions, players must also kill to complete quests. This makes the game very frustrating, especially for those looking to level all their jobs. Luckily,

FFXIV has a mechanic that rewards players for taking a break called Rested Experience. Rested Experience is essentially a boost in Experience when you come back to the game after a long break. Whether you’re looking to level up a class, or just want to level up a character, this mechanic will help you out immensely.

To maximize your character’s performance, you’ll want to collect Materia. There’s no method for the game to warn you when you’re out of Materia, which is used to make weapons and armour. As a result, you’ll need to swap out weaker weapons for better ones, and that means losing Materia.

You can also desynthesis your gear to gain better ones, but that means losing some of your precious Materia.

Level 50 Quests Are the Worst in An MMO:

Among the MMOs out there, FFFXIV’s levelling system is one of the most complicated. Quests are divided into two categories: main plot quests and class quests. The quests with an exclamation mark inside a fireball are almost always worthless until you hit level 50. This is a problem that can be avoided by spreading out your roles throughout the game.

Job quests in FFXIV are the worst in an MMM. You can get EXP for each Job, but they are tied to a specific class, so it is important to complete the right one. They also bring your Job closer to levelling up and unlock new skills and gear. The bad part of these quests is that they’re so annoying, that I rarely complete them.

FFXIV’s Story is a Slog:

If you think FFXIV’s story is slog-worthy, you might be disappointed. While the game’s main quest is enjoyable, it’s not a good time to spend countless hours crafting, levelling, or questing. While the game’s main quest line is a slog, it has many fun moments along the way. In particular, the storyline’s early part is filled with cute side quests involving Hildibrand. These missions seem like silly one-offs, but they actually have full Trials of classic Final Fantasy characters.

The story of FFXIV reddit is a slog, with massive chunks of the game buried behind this single-player campaign. In addition, there is no way to skip a large section of the game’s content, like the story campaign. Even the biggest chapters, which are known as MSQs, are tedious, especially for new players. However, the game’s massive community and welcoming attitude are two of its main selling points.


One of FFXIV’s greatest drawbacks is its rookie-ness. Many players joke about not paying the “sub” and “you can’t do it, do you?”. FFXIV’s world content is mostly tourist-style, with only a few corners of each zone filled with interesting content. It’s hard to progress to the next zone, which means ploughing through world mobs to earn rewards.

In addition to grinding, the game is full of unnecessary tasks. Players have to talk to four different NPCs to get half-a-dozen different items. Even the quests for relic weapons require swapping out weaker weapons for better ones, causing them to lose their Materia. If they’re too complicated, they can be automated by using Desynthesis to break down gear.