Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun Season 2 – Cast, Plot, and Release Date

Warrior Nun is a supernatural drama where a nun is awakened in a morgue, armed with a mysterious artifact. She is tasked with fighting demons on Earth, and strong forces from heaven and hell seek to control her. Warrior Nun season 2 is on the way. Find out the cast, plot, and release date of the second season in this article. Now, sit back and enjoy the show!

Episode 2

In episode two of Warrior Nun season 2, Ava Silva faces the demons and the army of demons that Adriel has created. The first season ended on a sinful cliffhanger, which left viewers with many questions. This time around, Ava must find the missing Michael and save Shotgun Mary. In addition, Warrior Nun will take on the betrayal and lie that Father Vincent told Ava about the reincarnated Michael.

In the beginning of this episode, Ava finds a corpse of Ava Silva. She also discovers a team of nuns, including the last Warrior Nun. The nuns have been hiding the corpse of Ava and the holy object they have hidden in it. The holy object retrieved is a relic that has been blessed by an angel named Adriel. However, after battling the mercenaries, the nuns find out that their team is surrounded by armed mercenaries. As a result, they have to escape their church to hide the halo. Once the mercenaries have the holy object, Ava is able to walk, and she has lost her tetraplegic status. During her travels through the city, Ava also encounters Lilith. JC


The cast of Warrior Nun season two is set to awe viewers. Featuring Toya Turner as lead nun Sister Mary/Shotgun Mary, Thekla Reuten as Sister Lilith, Kristina Andrea as Sister Beatrise, and Olivia Delsan as Sister Samila, the series stars a diverse group of female characters who have a strong bond with the Warrior Nun Order. Adding to the show’s diversity is the presence of Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent, and Sylvia De Fanti as Mother Superior.

Warrior Nun season one was a hit on Netflix, and the company has already commissioned a second season. Initially, the show was a limited-run series that included only ten episodes. Now, it is expected that the second season will also contain ten episodes. While it may not be as long as the first, it’s already gaining a solid following thanks to its impressive cast.


While the first season was full of action and revelations, Warrior Nun season two will pick up right where it left off. While it is unknown who will return, many of the same actors will return. The plot of this new season will likely involve demons and human lovers, as well as the return of a former nun who was killed by Adrial. Here’s what to expect:

The first season ended with a sinful cliffhanger, and we’re not sure how the second one will turn out. Many fans are curious about where Michael went and how Ava will overcome Adriel. Fans are also curious about the betrayal of Father Vincent and the truth behind Shotgun Mary. Season two promises to be even more action-packed, so stay tuned! If you’ve been anticipating the next episode, here’s what you can expect!

Release date

The release date for Warrior Nun season two has not been announced yet, but the new season is expected to have a lot of new faces in it. According to IMDb, the new cast includes many notable actors. For example, the role of Sister Dora will be played by Sadiqua Bynum, while the character of Migul is played by Vikings: Valhalla’s Jack Mullarkey. Meena Rayann, who played Ava Silva in the first season, will take on the role of Yasmine Amunet. Another cast member is Richard Clothier, who will reprise his role as Cardinal William Foster.

The first season was a hit, with fans eagerly anticipating its second installment. It was so successful, in fact, that a second season was filmed without the initial cast members. The first season aired on Netflix, and it is available for streaming and purchase on the following day. The show has become a hit in Japan, so we should expect a sequel sometime soon. Until then, we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Pandemic delay

Netflix is reportedly expecting to release Warrior Nun season two sometime in 2021 or early 2022, but there is no official date set. Production for season two is currently underway in Spain. While production is expected to resume smoothly by mid-2021, the delay is a result of the Covid 19 pandemic that swept through Europe. According to Simon Barry, Warrior Nun season 2 will be shot in Spain.

The show was officially renewed by Netflix on August 19, but filming will likely be delayed a few months. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced Hollywood to halt production. Despite the production delay, fans have already started to speculate about what the future holds for the show. Cast members are already hinting at what will happen in the sequel. Meanwhile, showrunner Simon Barry says that he hopes to see five or seven seasons of the show.

Reuniting of characters

After a successful first season, Warrior Nun was renewed by Netflix for season two, despite a coronavirus outbreak that shut down production in Hollywood. While filming is slow, actors and actresses have already begun hinting at the upcoming season. Creator Simon Barry said that he hopes to have five to seven seasons in the series. Hopefully, the actors will be able to reprise their roles, and the audience will enjoy more episodes of the series.

In the season finale, we learn more about the villains of the series. While we’ve already seen that tech entrepreneur Jillian Salvius is the real villain, we’ve also seen that conniving Cardinal Duretti was a bad guy. And then we get to see Father Vincent’s motives for murdering Sister Shannon, which is an excellent twist for the upcoming season.

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